Residential applications:

Bathrooms (Wet & Dry areas), Powder rooms, Kitchens, Living Rooms, Majlis, Bar Areas, Furniture.

Commercial applications:

Lounges, Restaurants, Cinema Halls, Reception Areas (hotels, offices), Night Clubs, Swimming Pool Deck areas, Shopping Malls, flooring (as borders, skirting), Table tops (under glass top), Furniture (as embellishments), Elevators (Entrance area, floors), Spa’s, Coffee shops, Bar, Lobbies and Showrooms.

There are many other avenues, where our mosaics can used depending upon the Designers / Architects creativity and conception, in addition to the above application areas.

Important Notes:-
  • Our coloured mosaics can have a slight colour variation from batch to batch (+-5%).
  • The mosaics which are of brushed matt finish, have to be layed on the walls by taking care of the brush lines i.e. either horizontal (left to right) OR vertical (top to bottom).
  • Pure Copper and Brass material mosaics and profiles shall get oxidised over a period of time, changing its hue, depending upon local environment conditions.