Stainless Steel is in our DNA. Our engineers and designers are obsessed with it. It is also our business. It has been so since 1963, when the first stainless steel sink, then a luxury products, was manufactured at our factory. The rest as they say is history. We have since then graduated to producing a range of luxury stainless steel products that have been lauded for their originality and design aesthetic and usage comfort.

Our most recent endeavor is NEELNOX. A range of designer stainless steel mosaics which has opened up great avenues for wall beautification in steel, blending style with an aura, be it in residences or commercial spaces. These are available at outlets which have a taste for quality.

When we were researching the market to see what’s already out there, we realized that the product;s potential wasn’t half as much explored. The prosaic product was then given a much needed face lift it had been deprived of. Our designers then created what would revolutionize the way people look at stainless steel.