‘Neelnox’ Stainless Steel Mosaics can be used in both vertical and horizontal applications. They may also be used as accents on the floor (except coloured mosaics) and have excellent abrasion. corrosion and oxidation resistance. These mosaics can be used in wet areas such as showers or Back-splashes. Always use un-sanded Grout to grout the product.

‘Neelnox’ mosaics are manufactured from Stainless Steel 304 Grade only. Laying / installing the sheets requires good workmanship & extra care. Avoiding adhesive ‘squeezing’ through the grout spaces between the files is the most important issue. The tile sheets are resin mounted and mesh backed.

How to begin:
Determine the pattern of tiles for your back-splash. It is best to eliminate as much tile cutting as possible. Dry fit a row of tiles in each direction to verify that you are pleased with the pattern’s appearance.

Surface preparation:
The surface to be tiled must be dry, smooth, uniform, solid and clean. Apply a very thin layer of adhesive on the surface where the mosaics are to be installed.

Laying method:
Neelnox recommends the use of Laticrete brand adhesive code no. 252 or similar product of Kerakoll / MAPEI brands for installing metal tiles. The setting time is 24 hours. Please follow the instructions on the adhesive packaging for use of product.

Apply the mosaic sheet and press the tile sheet firmly onto the bed of adhesive so the whole back of the tile is in good contact with the adhesive, eliminating all voids. The thin layer of adhesive will prevent the adhesive squeezing through the grout space between the tiles. The tiles must be simultaneously cleaned with a wet soft cloth wiped over the surface to assist in removal of all excesses adhesive.

Stainless Steel Mosaic can be simply cut with any continuous-segmented Diamond Blade or Marble cutter or an Angle Grinder with an appropriate metal cutting blade. Use a metal file or sandpaper for smoothening the cut edge. Install the cut tiles in the same manner as the whole tiles.

Grouting should begin after the adhesive has set. The textured mosaic should be pre-sealed with an oil based sealant (or a suitable oil) before grouting. This aids in removal of excess grout from the surface. Failure to preseal will result in a grout haze which cannot be removed. Laticrete brand LATAPOXY SP-100(700 Series), in your choice of grouting or Epoxy Grout of Kerakoll / MAPEI Brand. Spread the grout mixture across the tile surface using a rubber float. Please do NOT use a metal float for this purpose, as it shall leave scratches on the surface of the mosaic. Compact the grout firmly into the joints. Remove surplus grout from the surface of the tiles as much as possible with damp (not wet) sponge or soft cloth before the grout dries up ( advisable to do it within 10 minutes of grout application ). It is very important to use a minimum amount of water during cleaning. Allow grout to firm in the joint.


If the tiles are not for a wet area and are for purely an accent or decorative effect then grout may not be necessary.


For cleaning we suggest 3M Stainless Steel Cleaners or a damp soft cloth/sponge with soapy water solution.

Do not use any acid or corrosive solutions on the mosaics surface, as it shall damage the surface of mosaics.